NDIS Self Management Capacity Building

      developing your skills, supporting your choice and control!

Self Management Capacity Building Supports and Service

Self-managing your (NDIS) plan is your choice. Self-managing means you choose your providers, find and negotiate your services, make decisions, pay the invoices, understand your budgets and are responsible for daily planning.

Self-management of your NDIS plan offers your 2 exclusive benefits

  1. Learning the skills to self manage

  2. Directly engaging your own staff 










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How does self-management capacity building work?

The core purpose for self-management capacity building is to develop your daily living and life skills with a focus on training and self-improvement activities to live as autonomously as possible.


Self-management support services are included and paid from the core support budget, assistance with daily living.

Learning the skills to self-manage

The first benefit of learning new skills is it provides the opportunity to develop your skills to discover and engage different supports. ​ You identify a skill you want to learn which builds your capacity to self-manage, you purchase from the service, business or individual who has the expertise and skills you want to learn.  Find out more > > >

The NDIS has provided examples of types of assistance you could purchase.  A NDIS fact sheet can be found HERE, or downloaded 

  • Developing administrative skills to manage budgets, records, and coordinate services

  • Assistance to source or negotiate the purchase of supports

  • Assistance to explore or find more options to achieve your goals

  • Help to get you ready to directly employ support staff, such as how to recruit, training, manage employment contracts, and your obligations as an employer

  • Advice to support quality and safeguarding standards

  • The purchase of a payroll service to pay support staff

CTA Do you need help understanding your plan, your budget, and who to engage? Contact us now, enter your details now to receive a your FREE customised report. Valued at $199

Directly engage your own staff 

The second benefit to self-managing is employing your own staff. A choice that gives you control over who delivers your direct support service.   

A NDIS fact sheet can be found HERE , or download

Self-Management Capacity Building support provides additional support to assist you, engaging the right service that has the expertise and skills in assisting you with engaging staff.   

Things you need to consider when engaging a support worker directly

  • You are engaging the person. Meaning this person is unable to delegate to another person 

  • You as an employer are responsible for a range of obligations under various legislation's such as superannuation, worker’s compensation and safety within the workplace

  • Engaging a person with an ABN does not mean you don’t have obligations   

  • Note of caution: Support workers that hold ABN's are acceptable to engage, however majority are deemed employees, and are entitled to superannuation and protection whilst in the workplace   

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Awesome service form the ATO.  12 months asssitance to under obligaitons.







Choice and Control has responsibilities 

Meaning you as the participant are part of a broader system. "The NDIS replaced a disability system that was unfair and ineffective with a new national system that is world-leading, equitable and sustainable." The opportunity to act independently and make decisions within all parts of the broader system.    A fact sheet on "The NDIS fits within a broader supports and services system" is available for download.

Things to consider knowing when you self-manage

  • how the NDIS fits into the broader support system

  • how the NDIS is for all Australians

  • the NDIS Framework and how your plan fits

  • what your support service are

  • what services each budget can be spent on

  • type of profession and services  to engage 

  • what service should be delivered

  • how to plan, decide and engage with businesses 

  • negotiate the rate you will pay for the service

  • how to pay for the services

  • budget your funds and pay the bills, keep the records

  • learn how to navigate the portal and claim for supports

  • Understand there are other supports and assistance outside the NDIS 

  • free and general advice is not always the best advice 

Know your rights

Knowing your rights before you engage is being proactive. Be in control of your situation.  

Direct links to the source has been provided for your ease of access

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directly employ


Our Services

Assistance with daily planning

  • Understanding your plan, personalised easy English Reporting

  • Understanding your NDIS plan, supports services and the roles of service providers, and service delivery

Assistance with decision making

  • Find, negotiate, and engage service providers

  • Review of support services to ensure you are receiving value for money

  • Advice on the quality of support and safeguard standards

  • Explore other options to achieve your goals and find solutions

Assistance with budgeting

  • Assistance with paying your bills, and services providers

  • Purchasing of goods and services including understanding consumer rights

Directly engage your own staff

  • Advertise, recruit and engage staff on your behalf

    • training, manage employment contracts and;

    • all other obligations as an employer under various legislation's

  • Engaging and purchase of additional payroll service 

  • Engaging other services to support your business needs, outside the NDIS framework

Create your own business

  • Preparation and advice on setting up of your entity

  • Assistance with processes and engaging support workers to assist you with operations.

  • Business, administration and billing support

  • Access to mainstream services, and other government supports programs

Bookkeeping and payroll service

Advocacy Services

  • Complaint, reviews and disputes


What do we do?

We educate, inform and empower participants with information. ​ 

How can we help​?

 We are passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions, plan, budget and know their rights. With over 20 years’ experience in business operations we get the results you want!