NDIS Plan Management Service  

by independent professionals 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, known as the NDIS has changed the way people with disabilities receive government support and funding. 


NDIS participants have the choice and control over how funds are managed. They can choose how funds are managed at their planning meeting with the NDIS.


There are three options available to participants: Agency, Self-managed, Plan-managed, or a combination of these. Plan managing budgets are just one of the options on how NDIS budgets can be managed.

Plan Management Service 

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We are an independent Plan Management Service, and offer additional services in assistance with budgeting, decision making and daily planning, as fee for service.  


We aim to make Plan Management Services hassle-free so that participants can enjoy the benefits!

About the Plan Management Service

Our Service


Planting the Seed is dedicated to delivering the service you want. Participants will receive a personalised one-on-one Plan Management Service, delivered by an independent and professional Plan Manager based on the participants'  individual needs.

We provide a FREE personalised budget summary.   


This service was developed to assist participants to understand what support and services are in their budget by personalising their plan. This then empowers the participants with the knowledge of which service providers to engage, what service is to be delivered, which professional and the price.

We will manage participants' NDIS funds in a transparent and consistent way, ensuring that all budget information is delivered in an understandable and easy-to-read format and ensuring participants' privacy is always protected. 


We will also provide additional services not covered under Plan Management Services, as a fee for service.


As professional bookkeepers with over 20 years experience in the industry, we specialise in tailoring solutions to both plan-managed and self-managed participants for assistance in budgeting, decision making and daily planning. 


Are you a service provider wanting to know more about how our engagement process works? 

Who Are We?

  • We are an NDIS-registered Plan Management Service.

  • We do not deliver any direct disability support services.

  • We are an independent Service Provider.

  • We are professional bookkeepers and registered BAS Agents.

  • We are insured and hold professional indemnity insurance.

  • We hold industry qualifications and industry memberships.

  • We have over 20 years experience in business.

  • We understand everyone has different needs and wants.

  • We offer a service guarantee on all services.

  • We understand mainstream supports.

  • We offer exceptional customer service.

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We are an independent Plan Management Service and Professional Bookkeepers with over 20 years industry experience. We provide additional services (for a fee) for assistance in budgeting, decision making and daily planning. 

Book now to learn how we can help you achieve your goals sooner! As an added bonus upon booking you receive up to two hours of services for FREE once engaged through our online platform.

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why use?


  • Gives participants choice and control over which Service Providers are used.

  • Non-registered Service Providers can be used to maximise choice.

  • Participants keep control over their allocated funds without the hassle of doing it themselves.

  • It is a free service supported by the NDIS. 

  • Additional funding is added to the plan under "improve life choices".

what we do

  • Create one service booking for all supports within budgets that are plan-managed.

  • Track participant spending against their budget for supports that are plan-managed.

  • Request payments on participants' behalf from the portal for budgets that are plan-managed.

  • Pay participants' service providers on their behalf.

  • Take care of participants' paperwork

  • Store participants' invoices electronically.

  • Provide a monthly or quarterly statement of participants' spending.


what's not included

  • Explaining participants' NDIS plans.

  • Implementing services in a participants' NDIS plan.

  • Monitoring services within a participants' NDIS plan and monitoring of participants' spending.

  • Identifying or accessing informal, community or mainstream services on behalf of the participant.

  • Assistance with choosing Service Providers.

  • Negotiating services and price. 

  • Creating Service Bookings or Service Agreements with Service Providers.

  • Decision-making on budget breakdowns for each Support Category.

  • Changing or ending a Service Booking or Service Agreement with Service Providers.

  • Resolution of problems, conflicts or issues that arise between participants and Service Providers.

  • Plan reviews

  • Plan administration

  • Support Coordination services

  • Advocacy services

Our Goals


To make your plan management service hassle-free so you can enjoy the benefits and leave the paperwork to us!


To empower individuals (participants) by providing choice and control over their NDIS plans as we believe having the right information means you can make informed decisions and reach your goals sooner.  


To Inform, promote and educate all stakeholders on the "Fund Management" options and differences.