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Market Position for New South Wales

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released state Market Position Statement. "The market will expand significantly in coming years, creating opportunities for the existing sector and new entrants, as well as for mainstream businesses to make their services more accessible and inclusive to people with disability"

Management of NDIS Funds

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has changed the way people with disabilities receive government support and funds

As an (NDIS) participant you have the choice and control over how your funds are managed.  You have three options available:  Agency, Self or Plan managed, or a combination of these. Participants choose how funds are managed at the planning meeting with the NDIS.

               Budget Management Proportion

Source: COAG Disability Reform Council Performance Report - NSW 30 June 2017

Plan Management Services with independent bookkeepers
Our Service 
We deliver the service you want

You receive a personalised one on one service, based on your needs delivered by a professional bookkeeper.  We communicate with you in the way that best suits your needs and when it suits you

We will manage your (NDIS) funds in a transparent and consistent way, ensuring that all budget information is delivered to you in an understandable and easy to read format; ensuring your privacy is always protected.

Who are we?

We are a NDIS registered Plan Management Service

We do not deliver any direct disability support services

We are independent service provider

We are professional bookkeepers and registered BAS Agent

We are insured and hold professional industry membership

We hold industry qualifications and membership

We have 20 years experience in business , and have the skills 

 Our Plan Management Service have been designed to provide you with maximum flexibility 

Service Provider Process
Can download the process advise the name of participant and services they use. Provide list and at the end ask if interested in check or becoming registered?  its free, must tick yes or no ask about domains to get better stats (what I did in NEIS

Participants Process 
will need to register interest to get this process, give them my table of contents as a download, in brief emial can go here.

Snap Shot of Process
We deliver the service you want, both sides who is involve in the each part of the process.  My picutre can do in here Plan Manage process in picture as attachem

NDIS Service Providers, NSW

Market Position


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Additional Services

Assistance with Budgeting

Assistance with Decision Making

Assistance with Daily Planning

What are industry

experts saying?

KPMG, Business advisory specialists conclude “business will not be successful alone, in today’s changing business environment.

The Australian Bureau Statistics reports 56% of businesses fail within 4 years.

As a Business Analyst, member of IIBA, Catherina knows how to interpret these realities of a demanding business, her innate ability to understand complex systems, and quickly identify the opportunity, linking to factors of success. 

Catherina knows first-hand a skilled workforce is vital to business success, incentives from Government are available, yet businesses are not identifying opportunities or understand how they apply.

Businesses are failing for many reasons, there a few common ones you can avoid.


Source: COAG Disability Reform Council Performance Report - NSW  30 June 2017